What Happens When You're Convicted Of DUI?

Posted on: 19 March 2020


Being charged with DUI can be scary, and there's a good reason for it. While nobody ever wants to get arrested, a DUI charge can have consequences that last far after your case ends. Here's what you need to be aware of when you're deciding how hard to fight a DUI charge.

Criminal Record

Some people don't realize that DUI isn't just a traffic ticket. It's a criminal charge, and you'll be a convicted criminal if you're found guilty. Most DUI charges are misdemeanors, but repeat or more serious offenses can turn into felonies.

When you apply for jobs, housing, or anything else that requires a background check, you'll need to check the box that says you have a conviction. Depending on what you're applying for, you could be immediately disqualified.

Jail Time

Depending on where you're arrested, you may not face any jail time beyond what it takes for you to sober up so that the police can safely release you. While DUI is a crime carrying the possibility of jail time, most judges usually issue fines and probations. However, for repeat offenses or if you caused an accident with injuries, you may be looking at months to years behind bars. Also, keep in mind that some jurisdictions do require at least a few days in jail even for minor offenses.

Insurance Increases

A DUI conviction can make your car insurance go up much more than a speeding ticket. In fact, most regular car insurance companies won't even issue you a policy until some time after the charge. Instead, you may need a very expensive SR-22 policy that covers drivers who have been convicted of DUI and other serious driving offenses that make them a higher risk to insure.

Job Loss

From the beginning, you may lose your job if you were late to work because you were arrested, had to take time off for court, or had to go to jail. However, you may be denied for other jobs in the future. Even jobs like a factory forklift operator might require a completely clean driving record for the company's insurance purposes. Furthermore, if your job doesn't directly involve driving but requires travel, such as a salesman, you may not be able to qualify with a DUI on your driving history.

If you're worried about the consequences of a DUI charge and want to get help beating yours, contact a local DUI lawyer today. Search websites like https://dlplawyers.com/ to find a lawyer to talk to.