Will Your Loved One Be Released on Bail Immediately?

Posted on: 2 April 2020


It's common to wonder whether a loved one will get out of jail immediately after someone contacts a bail bonds company on their behalf. Unfortunately, the answer is no, but there is a reason why this action is not immediate. Learn more about what's involved in the release process, and what you can do to move the process forward as quickly as possible. 

Bail Must Be Set by the Judge First

When a person is arrested, they are not always offered bail right away. If someone was arrested for a low-level, nonviolent crime, they might be offered the opportunity to post bail for an immediate release. However, for more severe charges, there is a process they must follow.

In these instances, after the arrest, the individual must officially be booked into the jail. Next, an arraignment date is set. An arraignment is a court hearing in which the individual will be required to enter a plea for the charge. In some instances, the judge will determine whether or not the person is eligible for bail and set an amount. 

However, in other situations, an additional bail hearing is scheduled to give the attorney's more time to submit information about the charge and give the judge more time to review these facts. Even if you contact a bail bond company right after your loved one is arrested, nothing can be done until bail has been established by the justice system. 

Bail Bond Services Must Review the Application

Even after a bail amount has been established, your loved one may not be released right away. Bail bond companies have to work to protect their interests, and a part of this process involves carefully reviewing each application. 

As part of this process, the bail bond company must first verify that the bond signee is who they say they are, and that the information they have provided is accurate, especially when it comes to finances. For example, if the signee chooses to put their home up as collateral, the bond company will need to review that they are the legal owner. 

Completing the application correctly and providing accurate information can help speed up the review process, and ultimately, help secure the release of your loved one as soon as possible. 

If you have additional questions about how soon your loved one will be released from jail, the bail bond company can help you. Contact a few bail bond services to begin the process.