The Most Used Point of Sale Systems for Hotels in 2018

Do you want to “up” the game in your hotel? If you have a bunch of different amenities like a spa, pool, restaurant, gift shop and so on, then it can be difficult to manage all of them and have a clear view of the operations of every single amenity. What you need in a case like this is a good point of sales system that will allow you to have all of the hotel’s data in one centralized location which will make it a lot easier for you to reach. If you are interested in a POS for your hotel, then in keep on reading this article for a few great recommendations.


This is a system that has been specifically designed for use in hotels and resorts and a great thing about it is that they offer a separate system for customers that don’t want to buy into an entire property management system. Some of the options that come with this POS are the InfoGenesis POS for your basic requirements, InfoGenesis Mobile 2.1 for use on mobile devices, InfoGenesis Flex for a system that is specifically created for use on a tablet and the rGuest Buy which is a self-service food kiosk that is intended to be used by your guests.


This point of sales system is ranked as being one of the top four most popular hotel software solutions and not only that, but this POS also works with a variety of different amenities such as restaurants, travel desks, spas and minibars. The Hotelogix POS system is actually a component of its overall property management solution, which means that the POS system automatically syncs with other features of their software, which is also pretty much the only con that this POS has, the fact that you have to buy the software package to be able to use the POS.

Toast POS

This POS system is one of the most top rated ones and it is an all-in-one restaurant POS that apart from restaurants, can also be used in hotels, bars and resorts. It has the ability to streamline both the front of the house and all of the kitchen processes and it does so by putting them all into one dashboard. With it come some benefits like 24-hour customer service, the company takes requests for features, you can access all of your information on the cloud and so on.

As you can see, all of these point of sales systems have things in common, but also all of them are slightly different from the each other as well. That is what makes POS systems great and what makes having so many options great is the fact that you can really choose something that will fit your hotel just right, and hopefully this article helped you with that.